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Watch Claude VonStroke “Make A Cake”, No Batter Needed

Dirtybird Big Poppa, Claude VonStroke has just released the much anticipated music video to his latest single “Make A Cake” off of his latest EP, the Barrump EP. The video follows a simple story line, insanely attractive girl meets orange Dirtybird amphibian. Together, they embark on a variety of activities that could make anyone jealous, such as a trip to the arcade, a round of mini-golf, a battle of the go-karts, and a fastball round at the batting cages. But what happens at the end of the night? Well, nice Dirtybird amphibians don’t tell, but let’s just say if the Mercedes hatchback is a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’!

Claude VonStroke “Make A Cake”

All in all, the video hits the Dirtybird standards to a T. The rythmic visual cues, along with the even more hypnotizing beats of the actual track make it easy to watch this video over and over again. Be sure to check out the rest of the tracks on the EP, which is available for purchase.

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