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You Will Never Look At Butter The Same After You Watch Dillon Francis’s New Music Video

Dillon Francis is the Sasha Baron Cohen of the EDM industry. Just like the famous Borat actor, Dillon Francis can really never go too far when it comes to his humor and even if he does, people really aren’t THAT offended by it. With that said, let’s talk about his music video for ‘Not Butter.’ The concept behind it is a rebranding of Dillon Francis to best attract his target market of millennials ages 18-25 years old using Facebook Analytics data that shows his fans prefer the artist to portrays a lively party atmosphere.

I find the idea behind the music video genius. The only problem I have with it is the lack of Dillon Francis cameos in it. The rest of the article will be an in-depth analysis of the progression of the party scene that results in a very “climactic” way… 😉

Dillon Francis- Not Butter

The first party scenes goals is to find the mainstream audience, promote nightlife through co-branding with a beer client, selling “safe” sex, and making the party a “FUN EDM” atmosphere. It starts off with a couple entering a party that look like they just came out of filming a scripted reality show of some Orange County city. Also, why are there so many white people at this party? Anyways, the shot continues to show the generic EDM party scene with the basic girl in her crochet top and flower crown taking selfies for Snapchat followed by guys “bro-ing” out over sinking a ball in a beer pong game like they just won the Triple Crown. It’s all VERY basic. It reminds me of the awful times of forcing myself to attend ASU frat parties and trying to pretend to have fun. It is no wonder the couple lasted maybe 15 seconds down stairs before they walked up to the spare bedroom to do the dirty… Although their sex life must be really dull if that is how they make-out. This party needs some major readjustments…

The second, somewhat more improved, party scene kicks it up a notch by including more moments, FUN DRINKING GIRLS, and stylized pacing. I mean, everyone looks better when they are walking in slow motion and the increase in number of moments allows for more product placement for the beer client. Have to think about those advertising dollars, ya know? The best change they made is adding more chicks to the party. Every party needs more flower crowns, fruity vodka, and females dancing on elevated surfaces. Ask any Vegas promoter and they will tell you I am right. While the changes made it more appealing to the audience, I don’t find it fully captivating yet…

The third take for the party scene includes more EDM moments, making the party more SEXUAL, and romancing the drama. Right away, it is off to a much better start, as the girl walks in immediatly licking her lips and then you have the two selfie girls in the corner double teaming a guy. Honestly, how’s that for making the party more sexual? As for the increase of EDM moments, they achieved that through every party attendee wearing a glow stick, raunchier dancing, crazier lighting, and a shit ton of confetti flying everywhere. Then the romance… and by romance I mean having the couple actually go at it. I can say now that I would be much more into attending this party. But it still needs some things…

The final and complete party scene was slightly adjusted to true Dillon Francis standards which meant making the sex be more believable, more risky, and have a dynamic ending. The party all of a sudden turns into a nudist colony that one would find in a dirty Amsterdam warehouse. There is sex everywhere. Literally, everywhere! What is really astonishing is the blacklights in the house not making the floor lite up like a Christmas tree, if you catch my drift… Then the couple finally has sex. What comes next is a tad bit graphic. Think of the splash zone at SeaWorld but Shamu is a Sperm whale. It is basically wetter than Wet Electric in the climax of this music video. Okay, I think I need to take a shower and so does that guy.

Overall, I think I am all about attending the ‘No Butter’ party. However, I don’t think that can ever happen, so I will settle for the Mad Decent Block Party Phoenix tour stop on September 18th instead.

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