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Claptone Officially Announces Debut Album and Releases Single

The mysterious golden beak has descended upon the dance music world, bringing great news of an official debut album as well as a single from the anticipated record. It has definitely been the year of Claptone. Coming off of a highly renowned Essential Mix and the well-received live show, IMMORTAL, it seems that the Claptone sound is no longer a mystery among dance music fans, but merely a way of life.

Puppet Theatre feat. Peter, Bjorn and John

Claptone’s style has certainly created its own niche for itself, as his tracks are primed for packed clubs and own the late nights spent on the dance floor. Claptone’s latest single “Puppet Theatre” is no exception to his history of late night tracks. The single, featuring indie band Peter Björn and John, has a melancholic piano melody accompanied by a soft, yet persistent beat that will keep listeners grooving. The vocals add to the melancholic mood of the track, as the guitar riffs lighten the track and the stern piano cues maintain the mysterious, looming sound of the track. This track, coming of the upcoming debut album from Claptone, Charmer, serves as a glimpse of what to expect once Claptone’s album is released on October 16th of this year.

The debut album will be dropping after an extensive summer of touring for Claptone, where he’s covered all corners of the earth spreading that sweet house groove. After success with his latest singles “Liquid Spirit”  featuring Gregory Porter and “Music Got Me”, along with the success of his earlier releases, such as “No Eyes” and a remix of Metronomy’s “Aquarius”, it’s no doubt that Claptone will be blowing Clap-fans away with his work on Charmer.

Catch a glimpse of what Claptone has in store for listeners on Charmer by listening to his latest single “Puppet Theatre”, which will be out in October off of Different Recordings.

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