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DJ to Watch: Kasum

New York native and Boston University student, Brandon Weiss is the DJ to Watch of the week. Better known as Kasum, the young DJ and producer combines a 90’s kid’s favorite childhood songs with EDM in his melodic dubstep remixes of alternative-rock songs. With remixes of songs like Sum 41’s “In Too Deep” and Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue,” Kasum takes us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as he eloquently harmonizes two of my favorite genre’s together. His style truly brings something unique to the EDM world.

Kasum’s story about his road to success is a feel-good story that should inspire us all. Written up by the RA of his college dorm for music blaring too loud from his room, Brandon Weiss was just a normal college student, on the dive team, going to class like everyone else at BU just a couple years ago. Going from the talented yet underappreciated kid, spending long hours making music in a small dorm room to DJing in front of thousands of people at shows and festivals nationwide, you can truly say his meticulous work has paid off. Kasum, the Hebrew word for magic, was chosen to be his alias to represent the magic tricks he grew up doing in his bedroom to disconnect himself from the strife of growing up and family hardship. He says he still uses magic today, through his music by allowing his listeners to disconnect from the outside world and connect with him. One could say he has caught the ‘lucky’ break that any college kid could only dream about, but with bigger plans and dreams for his future Kasum says:

“Luck is something that happens when hard work and opportunity meet, and that isn’t something that has happened to me yet. Maybe one day.” – Kasum 

The up-and-coming DJ and producer has had a huge 2015, evolving his sound from his melodic dubstep remixes of punk-rock songs that he built his fanbase from. Kasum started the year off launching his official website that features all of his tracks as well as upcoming tour information. Since then he has released his first original production “Glorious,” with Synchronice featuring Ruby Prophet on vocals. Kasum steps out of his niche with this progressive house track and shows he can do even more than remix our favorite 90’s throwbacks.

Recently, he also found success with his first ever iTunes release, a remix of Flo Rida’s “I Don’t Like It, I Love It.” Breaking into the iTunes Dance Chart at #61, the remix substitutes layered synth chords for the strummed guitars and gets a BPM boost for an upbeat club-ready version of the original. In a way to thank  Although his fanbase was built from his remixes of punk-rock songs, Kasum took a chance with this track because the Flo Rida track was “too catchy to say no to.”

“At the end of the day I only remix tracks that I genuinely enjoy listening to,” he says. “I stepped out of my comfort zone on this one, but I’m super happy with how this turned out.” – Kasum

We are too Kasum. The DJ & producer says he has some unreleased songs waiting to be released; it’ll be exciting to see what the young talent remixes next! Visit Kasum’s Soundcloud to hear his other remixes of songs by Blink-182, Paramore, Panic At The Disco, The All American Rejects and more.

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