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Eric Prydz Releases Pryda Vol. 1, The First of Three EP’s Leading to Debut Artist Album

Everything is coming together. We can see the light. Eric Prydz has delivered on his promise and dropped the the first of three Pryda EPs leading to his debut artist album that has been ten years in the making. If you are a fan of Eric Prydz, Pryda, Cirez D, etc, you know that a track release by this mastercraft is something to celebrate. This time around, we get 4. When he made the initial announcement of his Pryda 10 EPs, Prydz revealed that these would be new tracks as well as unreleased tracks he has created over his career. He has played a number of these songs out to festivals and clubs around the world, but now you finally have the option to experience the musical pleasure that they bring in your own home.

At about seven minutes each, let’s take a look at the tracks off of this 28-minute darkly progressive odyssey: “Rebel XX”, “Run”, “Loving You”, and “Neuron”.

Rebel XX

Luring us into a dungeon of dim lit corridors and echoing bass lines, this is the most daunting of Prydz’s new tracks. He has been opening with this one as of recent and I know exactly why. Like I said, it lures you in. Something about it catches your attention and you want to see what comes next. Its dancing, dancing is what comes next.


“Run” is a tad bit lighter than “Rebel XX”, but it retains that driving force that is so present in the former. With a high-pitched scream making an appearance throughout the track, we are constantly reminded that this track is designed to make us want to party. In addition, the relentless bass will have you bobbing your head until it becomes second nature.

Loving You

Ever wanted to remember how it felt to live in the 90’s? Just listen to “Loving You”. This track is reminiscent of classic Prydz, and incorporates a very end-of-the-century vocal to compliment the propulsive synth. The song feels like it should be in a young Al Pacino cop drama. I see the red and blue siren lights alternating across his face as he drives down the rain-soaked streets. See it?


Although credited to Pryda, this is the most Eric Prydz sounding tracks of the bunch. With a dull drum machine in the background extolling the bright and vibrant synths in the limelight of the track, Prydz reminds us of the elegance with which he creates his music. However, we do get a little taste of darkness with what resembles a bass drop. I say “resembles” because it blends so perfectly with the track that it would seem to be something else entirely, a chapter perhaps in this epic melody.

There you have it, round one of three. Be on the lookout in August and September for the release of the other two Pryda EPs. With such an epic beginning to his series of releases, I am on pins and needles waiting for round 2. Similarly, this is all leading up to the first Eric Prydz album to be released coming in October 2015.

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