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Kill Frenzy Delivers a Hot “No Panties” Music Video

Kill Frenzy absolutely kills at bringing that ghetto booty house flavor. With banging bass lines, infectious melodies, and lyrics that make you blush, he definitely brings out the sexiness in house music. So when he made a video for “No Panties”, a song that has a nice list of lady names layered over the phat bass line, you can’t expect anything that’s even slightly tame. And it isn’t at all. The gender bending video features a variety of beautiful ladies dressed up, dancing, and rather just enjoying their own looks.

Kill Frenzy “No Panties” [Official Video]

With the release of the new video for the single off Kill Frenzy’s debut album, along with the grand success of Taylr Swft and immense amount of support its received, Kill Frenzy will be embarking on a tour in Australia. The Belgian producer will be hitting the land down under for most of July, then heads back to the states to play a few club events, Dirtybird BBQ events, and the Shambhala festival, just to name a few. Most recently, he released a track, “H.O.U.S.E.” that will be featured on the Dirtybird Compilation If You Find Yourself In A Large Room Vol. 1 that has also garnered quite a bit of attention. He’s a great producer that’s bringing the bomb sounds of ghetto house to dance floors everywhere.

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