Relentless Beats

The Collab of Vibrations and Electronic Dance Music

The concept of “vibrations” can be interpreted in many different ways. The significance of vibrations goes much deeper than our normal senses. Not to get too scientific, but consider the vibrating “strings” in multiple dimensions that unify Quantrum Mechanics and general relativity. The various vibrations of these strings can explain all the particles that make up matter, light waves, and the fundamental forces of our beautiful world. When it comes to music, you can hear the sound vibrations of the voices and instruments, or to EDM lovers the womps and drops created by a computer, making a musical mix of good vibes.

The feeling of anticipation when a song is building up to a drop gets your heart pumping. Whether the drop is super nasty or completely beautiful, it’s nothing but pure bliss letting out that anticipation and riding it throughout the song with a cheesy grin on your face. It makes sense to me now when people use the expression “a song can take you on a journey”, or “lose yourself in the music”. With all the genres of music out there, there’s something for every emotion. But something about edm feels like every genre there is generates a positive vibration in its own way. My favorite mood that a song sets has to be the kind that simply makes you feel happy. Smooth’s DnB Remix of Below Us by Seven Lions, along with many other songs by him, is a song that I think radiates nothing but happy vibes.

Certain styles like dubsteb and hardstyle are pretty intense and have what people would call a “dirty vibe”. With sounds so grungy and metallic you can hear them very deeply making you want to stomp your feet and head bang like you never imagined you could. Other genres such as trance and house generate a more peaceful and happy vibration that makes you want to dance in circles and hug your friends. Any style of EDM/ type of show creates its own kind of vibration and mood but like I said, it’s all positive and has a way of making a crowd completely unified.

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