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The Relentless Beat of the Week: What So Not – “Jaguar”

What So Not has quite the weekend ahead of him with appearances at The Mid in Chicago as a pre-party for the Lollapalooza festivities, at Osheaga Music and Arts Festival in Montreal, and closing out the weekend at the sold out HARD Summer in Pomona, California. In order to commemorate this busy festival weekend, the Relentless Beat of the Week goes out to the What So Not track, “Jaguar”. This track features the signature trippy and deep What So Not roar, along with the experimental sound that the duo has developed over the years. An absolute festival sensation, “Jaguar” is a tune that will sound instantly familiar to any event-going patron. The song begs you to completely let go of all bodily control and allow the music to be the puppeteer of your movement. Check out one of What So Not’s most popular and recognizable tracks here!

What So Not – Jaguar (Official Music Video)

One of the duos earlier tracks, having been released in 2013, “Jaguar” is still just as played and just as loved as when it was first released. In the music video featured above, we see both Emoh Instead and Flume awoken from a deep slumber and instantly greeted with a bowl of cereal. Following, lights flash across their face as they enjoy their breakfast, while a crew of what seem to be set workers change the scenery around them into a make-up booth. From here it gets bizarre. The make-up booth turns into a strange interview set up with Flume as a bleach-blonde TV personality, proceeded by a TNT explosion that leads to an epileptic display of lights.

Following the release of this track and a couple of others, What So Not is set to drop their Gemini EP very soon which will be the final tracks featuring Flume as a collaborator. After Gemini, Emoh Instead will be taking on the What So Not name on his own, however, he is no real stranger to the solo spotlight as he has toured alone as What So Not for a number of years. As far as production goes Emoh has stated in an interview with Dancing Astronaut in regards to the What So Not brand, “I love the core of it and I think what I’ll do first is expand on that idea. In fact, I have already been working on that sort of behind the scenes. In the last few weeks since this all became quite official, just with the people around me, we’ve tethered together more progress than the project has seen in the last year. We are developing so many different concepts with amazing artists, musicians, visual techs, collaborators, and we’ve gotten something together that is really cool. Sort of the new/old What So Not and a taste of what I hope to bring to this in the future.” Sounds like an exciting future to me.

Like I mentioned, What So Not has a busy weekend ahead of him, including his appearance at HARD Summer 2015. He will be making an appearance at 6:15 on the Purple Stage, performing directly after Fetty Wap and right before Hudson Mohawke. If you are unable to make it out to Pomona this weekend, you can catch What So Not at Mad Decent Block Party at Rawhide on September 18th where he will be playing alongside Thomas Jack, Yellow Claw, Oliver Heldens, and many more.

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