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Kill The Noise, AWOLNATION, and Rock City Want You To “Kill It 4 The Kids”

With the impending release of Kill The Noise‘s latest LP, Occult Classic, quickly approaching, Jake Stanczak has shown off the latest from his new album in the form of this hardcore track, “Kill It 4 The Kids”. Teaming up for the second time with hip-hop group, Rock City, and tagging along is AWOLNATION, this latest anthem begs for our silence or for us to “kill the noise”. Serving as the closer on this new 10-track LP, “Kill It 4 The Kids” blends the aggression of Aaron Bruno’s voice with the filthy twerking beats, splashing in a hint of electro for a track viciously eager to creep across the dance floor for months to come.

Originally nervous at the propositioning of AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno due to a fear that Bruno wouldn’t find the work appealing, this was a collaboration made in heaven. Rather than shying away from the project, Bruno embraced it with open arms.

When speaking with Rolling Stones Magazine in a recent interview about the sounds he has created with his latest track, Jake had this to say: “All the stuff that I’ve really loved is using things in an unconventional kind of way. Typically it’s like, ‘OK, I want to distort something so I’ll put a distortion pedal on it.’ Well, OK, what happens when you put five distortion pedals on something? Or what if I put five compressors on something? Or stacked five EQ’s on something to just boost everything?” Jake’s unique approach to the track can certainly be felt with its heavily distorted sound which is something Kill The Noise has become known for over the past several years. Reasons like these are exactly why we can depend on Kill The Noise to stray from the safe route and provide us with unique and creative sounds.

As mentioned above, this is the second track that Kill The Noise has done with Rock City for Occult Classic. The first outing was accompanied by Tommy Trash for the violent track, “Louder”. What we have learned from these two tracks is that Occult Classic is shaping up to be an LP you won’t want to miss out on. Kill The Noise may have just what his album suggests on his hands.

Don’t forget to get you tickets for Kill The Noise’s Occult Classic tour which will be making a stop here in Phoenix on October 22nd at The Monarch Theatre!

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