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Dark Melodies & Powerful Drops: Seven Lions & Kill The Noise’s ‘Moonlight’

The third collaboration between the two titans of bass music (not including the mega Ophelia Records collaboration) is finally here, and it’s an absolute banger. Seven Lions and Kill The Noise have a long history of working together, with their first collaboration, “The Blood,” being a staple in both of their sets for many years. They are both well-known for their song production, and when they put their minds together, greatness is achieved.

The song begins with a captivating, dark-themed melody that meanders in various directions, making it incredibly interesting to listen to. While some may prefer lyric-heavy songs, the melody and sound production effectively convey the story the song aims to tell. It quickly builds up, featuring a pre-drop sample that utters, “Have you seen the light?” before launching into a gnarly dubstep drop, complete with their signature growl sounds. This drop hits hard.

Midway through, chord structures and progressions take precedence over the bass, providing a welcome change of pace. What truly takes you by surprise is the second drop. Instead of the expected melodic bass drop, it turns into a hardstyle drop with chords serving as accents. Midway through, a plethora of distorted bass intensifies the mood. This collaboration promises to become a staple in the music industry. If you’re eager to experience it live, don’t miss the chance to catch Seven Lions at Dusk Music Festival, taking place in Tucson, AZ on November 10th and 11th – you can purchase your tickets here!

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