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Kygo Releases New Single ‘Nothing Left’

One of Tropical House’s pioneers, Kygo, has unveiled his new track ‘Nothing Left’ featuring Will Heard. With a more mellow tone the track puts the spotlight on vocals from Will Heard while still staying true to Kygo’s signature sound.

The track relies heavily on the minimalistic productions which really give the vocals their time to shine. When the vocals drop out they are replaced by tight and powerful string melodies that are the perfect compliment to the bobbing bass line. The second break introduces a touching and sentimental piano line to create a foundation for when the vocals come back into play. During the final hook, Kygo’s classic tropical plucks weave their way into the mix as they work with the string lines that have been the focus up until this point.

‘Nothing Left’ will be great addition to his track-list as Kygo travels to festivals including Electric Adventure, Creamfields, Lallapalooza Berlin, as well as his recently announced live shows in London and Los Angeles.

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