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The Relentless Beat of the Week: Vanic & K. Flay – “Make Me Fade”

With the return of our Sound Kitchen series of events on August 22nd comes Vancouver-based DJ/Producer, Vanic, and his melodically beautiful synth based music. I had never heard of Vanic prior to the event announcement, so when I decided to check him out and see what Jesse Hughes was all about I was pleasantly surprised to find a Soundcloud page ripe with stunning chill-out tunes, harmonious build-ups, and chill-inducing drops. However, as I scrolled through and clicked on just about every orange play button there was on the page, one track stood out above the rest. With it’s blaring synth drop, and its sultry female vocal purr, The Relentless Beat of the Week is awarded to “Make Me Fade” by Vanic and K. Flay!

Having played piano since the age of 4, music comes naturally to Vanic, as can be clearly observed in the track above. The Vancouver native found his love for music when he became a metal head in middle school, which naturally led to the transition into hardstyle and hard dance. The progression of musical love eventually developed into the desire to create, but what Vanic found about his taste in music vs. what he was good at creating were two completely different beasts. Although his love for hard dance drove him to create music, he soon discovered that his unique blend of dubstep, chill, and house would serve him more appropriately as a producer. If “Make Me Fade” and other tracks like “Cops”, “Can’t Sleep”, and his recent remix of Major Lazer’s “Be Together” are representative of the path that Vanic will continue to take with his career, I am perfectly content. Take a look at the new remix below!

Vanic will be playing at the Monarch Theatre on August 22nd as a part of the Sound Kitchen series. Opening for Vanic are local DJs Costanza, Cormac Beeler, and Phenix. Don’t miss it as Vanic takes us all on a journey through his breathtaking tracks. We will see you out there!

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