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Shaq Is Back

Who hasn’t heard of the big man that has 4 NBA Championships & 3 MVP awards under his belt. Of course I’m referring to Shaq, if you’re not a sports fan then maybe you’ve seen one of his commercials with Gold Bond or IcyHot. He has also released four rap albums and gone platinum under the name ‘Shaq Diesel’ which is where his new DJ name, ‘DJ Diesel’, stems from.

DJ Diesel will be performing at TomorrowWorld in Atlanta, Georgia this upcoming weekend and to let people know he’s the real deal he has released a collaboration with Kryoman titled ‘My Squad Is Lit’. With vocals from Shaq featured in the track it is influenced by trap and bass heavy music which is what DJ Diesel is expected to play at his TomorrowWorld set. You can still grab your TomorrowWorld tickets here and catch the very rare performance of DJ Diesel as well as experiencing the magical world of Tomorrow!

TomorrowWorld 2015 full lineup
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