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Weekly Underground Sound: Nick Monaco Lets Freak Flags Fly!

San Francisco-native, Nick Monaco is young, sick, and too legit to quit, all rolled into one funky package. As someone who’s been following this guy’s rise to funk fame, Nick Monaco is an undeniable talent in the pool of obscure creativity.

As a man of many talents, Nick Monaco is made up of many things. As part DJ, part producer, part butterfly, part stalker, and part lipstick designer, Nick Monaco can accurately be described as a jack of all trades. This classically handsome and insanely talented young man lets no borders of genres ever define him, but he never fails to provide the deepest groove. He first caught my ear a few years back with his track “Stalker” on a mix from Soul Clap, the big poppas of the Soul Clap label, off of which Nick Monaco releases. That track prompted me to stalk his works and left me in a perpetual groove. Along with releases off the Soul Clap label, Nick Monaco has also released work off of the famous San Francisco label, Dirtybird, with tracks like “American Holiday” and “Black Girls White Girls”, a collaboration with Kill Frenzy.

Nick Monaco – III Points Mix

Now, as a member of Crew Love, the label collaboration between Soul Clap records and the Wolf + Lamb label, Nick Monaco really lets his soul be seen in his work and his productions really encourage you to let your freak flag fly, something Nick Monaco wholeheartedly supports. In fact, most recently Nick Monaco released a line of lipsticks available for anyone of any gender. Inspired by the hyper-masculinity and gender rigidity of the current culture, Nick Monaco came up with a lipstick line to help tear down the gender binary and help everyone let their freak flag fly. An avid lipstick wearer since the start, Nick Monaco uses this line to encourage people to be themselves, no matter how freaky, and for gender constructs to become a thing of the past.  How freaking cool is that?! And all proceeds from the lipstick line, aptly named ‘Freak Flag’,  go directly to the Jim Collins Foundation, which funds gender-confirmation surgeries.

Listening to his productions and the way he curates music in his mixes, it’s hard not to fall in love with Nick Monaco. Whether it’s his silky smooth voice, as heard on his full-length album Mating Call, or his funky beats and bass lines, his music just makes the body go into an unstoppable groove. His rhythm is infectious and his energy is captivating, so be sure to not let this precious treasure fly under the radar and make sure you let your freak flag fly!

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