Relentless Beats

My Life Altering Experience with Peking Duk

I happened to walk past the Troubadour stage at Life Is Beautiful on my way to the port-o-potties and was mesmerized by the two DJs creating the catchiest beats I’ve ever heard from Fremont Ave. in downtown Las Vegas.

Peking Duk, an electronic dance duo from Australia, was the best act I saw at Life Is Beautiful Festival. Day 1 I thought Porter Robinson changed my life, and day 2 I was convinced Jauz had my heart… but the third day Peking Duk took the prize. If you’re into mind-blowing, upbeat remixes of perfection, this is for you.

These shaggy-headed skater boys had an unbelievable amount of energy on stage. Even though they hosted a crowd on the smaller side, that didn’t stop them from going absolutely crazy. They MUST have whip-lash from how hard they were head-banging, and their knees must hurt from jumping  5 feet into the air with every  drop.

The duo began their set with a remix of Lion King’s “Circle of Life,” and pleased the crowd when it transitioned into “California Baby,” and onto “IDFWU,” a little Beyonce, and the old-school hit “Shout” before closing with Major Lazer’s “Lean On” and “Party in the U.S.A.”

I found myself constantly wide-eyed at the performance behind the booth. Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles fed off of each other’s energy. When one put the headphones on and controlled booth, the other didn’t hesitate to jump and bang the snares all over the stage, and use the microphone to play the hype man role, often times coming in front of the booth.

With a lot of surprising drops, a lot of snare, and  different sound effects, the duo performed each song like they were performing for the first time. It’s impossible not to dance to their incredibly eclectic mixes featuring well-known favorites.

Peking Duk also played one of their originals that dropped in the U.S. six weeks ago. Check out “Say My Name”!

Their music is always upbeat and dance-able. I was standing the back eating a bag of chips and I couldn’t help but swallow fast and start jumping at the drops. Their stage presence was unreal; most entertaining DJs I’ve ever seen. Peking Duk is my new favorite DJ duo… no need to thank me for introducing you to your new obsession.

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