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Christmas in Leu Leu Land

This December, Christmas in Leu Leu Land will be a four week long free music giveaway with tracks from the Swedish newcomers Leu Leu Land. Leu Leu Land is a new priority signing to Sony Music and if you haven’t heard about them by now, you’re surely about to! So far they have official remixes out, the first being of Jerry Williams and Giorgio Moroder’s “Boy Oh Boy,” and the second “Tom’s Dinner,” whose formal release was a tropically-charged and smooth commercial house rendition of Britney-accompanied electro pop single. Leu Leu Land will be starting off 2016 right with a remix for Refune (M22 – Good To Be Loved) in addition to new singles being released every month on Refune Records, Anjunabeats Worldwide, and Sony Music carrying out through March 2016.

Leu Leu Land – Discolatch (Disclosure & Sam Smith – Latch Bootleg)

Christmas in Leu Leu Land’s first free download is a remix of Disclosure’s ever-popular track “Latch.” The brothers of Disclosure, Guy and Howard Lawrence had seen great commercial success with the single, selling one million singles to make “Latch” become certified platinum in the United States back in July of 2014. In the 1st of 4 releases available as a free download gift to you this holiday season, Leu Leu Land has chosen to revive the song in their new remix entitled “Discolatch.” They’ve added a fun vibey flair to the track, giving it new life in this Leu Leu Land Latch Bootleg.

02 - Calendar Thumbnail - Discolatch

Every free download released during the four weeks of Christmas in Leu Leu Land will include HD artwork, desktop wallpaper for that release, social media skins for that release, and a layered PSD with the lion for people to make their own art and photos with. For the art, wallpaper, cover art and the lion png go here: and download “Discolatch” for free at the link below:

Leu Leu Land – Celebration (Daft Punk – One More Time Bootleg)

In the 2nd of 4 free downloads as a gift to you this holiday season, this time Leu Leu Land has taken on Daft Punk’s “One More Time” and produced their latest release “Celebration.” You can download Leu Leu Land’s second Christmas in Leu Leu Land release “Celebration” here:

For the art, wallpaper, cover art and the lion png go here:

Connect with Leu Leu Land here:


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