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Focus Fire and Suspect Zero “Start A Fire” With Their First Release of 2016

After a remarkably solid 2015, Focus Fire is charging full speed ahead into 2016. With some massive bookings staring them straight in the face, Focus Fire wants to let their fans know that they have what it takes to start a fire at their upcoming performances. What better way to tease their upcoming shows with Borgeous and Morgan Page, and their Life in Color stop, than to release a stellar new track that’s change in style “is directly reflective of how our tastes as producers and DJs have evolved.

“Start A Fire” sees the duo collaborate with fellow Arizona based electro duo, Suspect Zero, as well as incorporate vocals from Baasik to craft a melody worthy of this year’s mainstage powerhouses. The vocals on the track flow gently into an intelligently crafted piano riff that seamlessly melds into a kinetic build, which then propels us into the drop with an exciting and encompassing auditory experience. The track mostly speaks for itself, but it is quite impressive to listen to the sophistication in the track and think back to where this small time duo from Arizona started and where they are now; stepping up into the big leagues of electronic music.

This is the first of many originals to come from Focus Fire in 2016. With a packed release and touring schedule, you can expect to see much and more from the group in the months to come. If you can make it out to their show in Missoula, MT where they will be opening for Borgeous and Morgan Page on Wednesday February 17th, I’m sure that Christian and Mark would love to see you out there!

‘Start A Fire’ is our first track of 2016 and we see it as the symbolic ‘fire’ of our careers,” careers which are looking very promising indeed.

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