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RB BPM Boost: Basscon’s Sweet Lineup And Two-Tier Event

Ringing in the new year, with an epic face-off between Bass Music and Hard Dance, Insomniac’s Bassrush vs Basscon was just the beginning of the wild, bass themed agenda for 2016. Not only did the Entertainment company close out 2015 with a remarkable blend of Euphoric Hardstyle and Rawstyle at “Sanctuary”, they began the new year with a glorious combination of Hardstyle, Trapstyle and Drum ‘n’ Bass. The immensely increasing success levels of the Bass Events in 2015 only paved the road to a more spectacular 2016. To throw the icing on the cake, Insomniac recently announced their first ever two-day Basscon event “Wasteland” to take place on the 4th and 5th of March. It is the second-ever “Wasteland”, but also, the first-ever two-day event hosted by Insomniac, dedicated exclusively to Hard Dance… Exciting!

Have a look at the Official Trailer for Basscon Wasteland last year:

There can never be enough icing. Let’s forget about the cake for a second and discuss a different flavor of icing. Two of the artists on the completely stacked Wasteland lineup are coming to the United States for the very first time! Yes, we are going to be seeing the very first of The Rebel to the Grave, the producer of the Firestorm that Rests in Hell, Dutch Raw master Digital Punk! The other magnificent being to grace our country with his first ever presence, leading us through the never dying nights with his euphoric tunes, is the Australian producer, Code Black!

Now for the sprinkles. You have a cake and two flavors of icing… you need sprinkles. What comes to mind when you think of Chainsaw Bass? An old-school rave, or The Knight in Shining Armor, UK DJ Gammer? You couldn’t have chosen better sprinkles for your cake! Add some funky UK Hardcore to the concoction of Raw and Euphoric bass for the complete Hard Dance package. Wait! We aren’t done adding sprinkles. Australian DJ Audiofreq is going to have us “Lose Control” when he pairs up with Code Black once again as Bioweapon! They weren’t kidding when they said the duo is back again and here to stay!

More sprinkles? Insomniac is hitting us with a complete sugar overload and I am not complaining one bit! D-Block & S-te-fan, Da Tweekaz, the young and talented Adrenalize, Audiotricz and the ever so mysterious Notorious Two will take us on a ride from happiness to the depressing aftermath of the event. We don’t want to think about the cake after it has been eaten. The cherry on top, however, is Italian Hardstyle babe DJ Stephanie! She was here in December but we can’t get enough of her. Last but not least, we get to witness the presence Dutch Hardstyle Producer and DJ Max Enforcer, in our midst. Maybe, if we behave, he might flip the switch to his alter ego Hardcore DJ, Evil Activities and hit us with some up-tempo tunes!

This year is definitely headed in favor of the Hard Dance scene in the States, and one can only fathom what cakes Insomniac has in store for us! The EDC Basscon Stage lies yonder, and perhaps the beacon of light from future Basscon events this year. Stay tuned!


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