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TroyBoi The Wonky Legend Runs The Trap at Phoenix Lights

So I’m going to go ahead and take it to say that everybody knows what trap music is. It’s that beautiful genre that brings together the funky, bassy soul of Hip Hop and the up-beat energy that electronic music has. With a lot of popular artists such as Diplo, Keys N Krates, Yellow Claw, and many more trap music has definitely gained it’s place as one of the favorite sub-genres of EDM. What I am afraid of though, is that not many people know who TroyBoi is, because let me tell you, he is an absolute musical genius who has created his own unique style that no one else can seem to master or replicate.

Coming from the southeast corner of London, TroyBoi has mastered what some people describe as a “wonky” style of trap music. Probably the best song to start off with to show TroyBoi off would in fact be his song “Wonky”, which if you didn’t guess it already perfectly demonstrates his unique style he has created. Aside from his originals, TroyBoi has collaborated with several artists including Flosstradamus on their track “Soundclash”, and Diplo on their track “After Hours”. Check these songs out and many more by TroyBoi in the play list below.

Hopefully at this point you understand how TroyBoi brings a completely different and unique sound to trap music. If you want to catch him live, you can see him April 2-3rd at Phoenix Lights in only a little over a month! There’s no doubt that at this concert TroyBoi is definitely going to run the trap!

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