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Ardalan’s New EP “Thunderdad” Is Released By Dirtybird

A few weeks ago, San Francisco based record label Dirtybird released Ardalan’s second solo EP for them, “Thunderdad”. After having a successful 2015 with the massive release of “Function” along with Justin Martin, and his debut EP “The Yeah/No”, the almighty Ardalan is ready to drop some more bangers to the Bird Fam fans. The two tracks in this EP, “Thunderdad” and “Look It” were made with Dirtybird in mind. The Tech House/Acid House track “Thunderdad” is a bouncy yet twisted piece. It incorporates a big bass, shuffled acid drum beats, some vocal Thunder, and a cluster of random storm related noises in the background, creating a sick and stormy atmosphere for its audience. Check out a snippet of “Thunderdad” below.

To show that he is not a one-trick pony, Ardalan headed for another direction with the second track “Look It”. A wide, muffled, heavy undertone for a bassline, echoing vocals, and skating synth melodies gave the song the dramatic effects and the sass it needs to make people look. Check out a preview for “Look It” as well.

A lot of Ardalan’s genius is in his background noises, and they are going to be very well highlighted over gigantic sound systems at his live sets. To commemorate Ardalan’s ascension, he will be hitting the road this Spring with the lightning to his thunder, Sacha Robotti, for the “Thunder Tour” across North America. They will have a stop in Phoenix at Monarch Theater on May 14. The dance floor of Monarch Theater may end up too lit if we don’t put out the ignition of the lightning from the almighty Ardalan.

Listen to the full version of “Thunderdad” EP: here

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