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Claude VonStroke Announces “The Rain Break” EP to be Released by Dirtybird on April 1st

Dirtybird label boss Claude VonStroke recently announced that his highly anticipated EP, “The Rain Break“, will be released by Dirtybird Records on April 1st. This EP was inspired by two songs from the 80’s: Raze’s classic “Break For Love” and Oran Juice Jones’ “The Rain”. After replaying and re-singing all the music from scratch, he fused the bassline from “Break For Love” with the vocals from “The Rain” to produce a surefire Dirtybird classic. To quote VonStroke himself: “I kept singing the Break For Love bassline over and over again in my head but the vocal that always popped in over the top was from the Oran Juice Jones. I can’t explain why that happened but I just thought they went together so well that I ran with it.” The consummate second track “Here Comes the B” is a much weirder affair. Built with massive psychedelic effects, a huge kick and almost no hi-hat pattern, this track is late night cavemen music at its best. Check out a recent mix from Claude VonStroke when he played at The Lab at Mix Mag Sound Collective Office.

Toward the end of the mix, VonStroke played the unreleased version of “The Rain Break”, setting up the hype train for this anticipated EP from the Dirtybird boss. It’s very likely that we will be able to listen to this EP during Claude VonStroke’s set at Phoenix Lights at Margaret T Hance Park on April 3rd, just 2 days after the official release.

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