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Five Tracks to Get You Pumped For Pendulum’s Return at Ultra 2016

It has been officially announced that Pendulum will be making their return at the 2016 Ultra Music Festival. With a sweeping return as the self-described electronic rock band by Knife Party‘s Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, it seems that their former gripes and disillusion with Pendulum are going to be put to the side for a banging appearance. Ultra 2016 is no better way to kick off their return to the world of house and EDM, but it definitely helps that catching up on their last three albums in anticipation shows that their music has hardly felt the inevitable effects of time. Today, we will be looking at five tracks chosen from their entire catalog to not only get you in the mood for their approaching performance, but also show you some tracks that you might have forgotten about when you last faithfully tuned into Pendulum.

5. Granite

Pendulum – Granite

The lead single off of “In Silico,” was released in 2007, before the eventual 2008 release of their sophomore album. While this single does succeed their inaugural album, Granite delivered the final blow into what would be the character of Pendulum as a band. While we don’t hear those silky Pet Shop Boy-esque vocals we were used to on 2010’s “Immersion,” an in-your-face synth riff matched over a simple chord progression coming from an electric guitar. While it may not reflect the current state of the band or even EDM itself, it reflected their yearning to be seen as an individual act. Not to mention it brings us to a simpler time, when we straightened our hair, tried to dance to Brokencyde, and used our food money from our mothers to buy cigarettes.

4. The Vulture

Pendulum – The Vulture 

The Vulture, a rather obscure album track from the album, Immersion, stands alone as a strange testament to the mix of electronic and rap. While the familiar chords don’t fail to disappoint on this track, the inclusion of wiry beats give a cleaner sound to their newer material than songs like “Granite” from their earlier releases. That being said, The Vulture is coming in at number four for not only its hot grinds and unbelievably catchy riff that can only encourage you to dance towards drug-fueled dehydration at your next get-together. The Vulture is an odd lick, but a good alternate reference to the most recent state of Pendulum’s music.

3. Blood Sugar

Pendulum – Blood Sugar

Part of the 2007 reissue of “Hold Your Colour,” a single was released under the title “Blood Sugar/Axel Grinder” brings back that hardcore-infused electronica sound we have all come to love. While there are no signs of any vocals, the instrumentals should be the first object of your affection as the band released material that combines their older direction of traditional instruments with a silky production on both tracks that highlight their step going into the new direction that Immersion and their journeys would eventually take them. Blood Sugar makes no hidden reference to the impact that EDM has had in their music. While Blood Sugar’s chord progressions and musical elements provide a more complicated canvas that their earlier singles had, Blood Sugar is a perfect combination of Pendulum-Classic and Nu-Pendulum.

2. The Island Pt. 2

Pendulum – The Island Part 2

While Immersion’s The Island Part 1 has gotten much love from fans, little has been said about the second part of the duo of a club banger. The Island Part 2 focuses on sounds that would definitely be played at your local DJ set that appeals to the masses. With a sick organ solo in the middle of the track, it slowly fades to the back as a tribal beat becomes more prominent. At this point in our journey with Pendulum, the infamous Pet Shop Boy-esque vocals that were mentioned above come into effect. While featured in a short interlude around the last minute of the song, the smooth vocals provided mark the full transformation of Pendulum to more electronic production values.

1. Witchcraft

Pendulum – Witchcraft 

While there needs to be love given to the early work of the now-heavy electronic elements of the band, Pendulum, a list like this wouldn’t be complete with one of their fan-favorites, the second single from Immersion. Witchcraft is another track stuck between two times in the career of Pendulum. While the beginning features older elements from more traditional rock elements, after the first minute gives way more electronic features are added. Combining the newer, smoother vocals that Pendulum as approached, his formerly harsh vocals give a surprisingly sweet addition to the heavy electronic infused banger. Witchcraft stands out in Pendulum’s short catalog as a track that ties their history together of changing sounds. While they have not fully abandoned their “dirtier” sounds, they have clearly not forgotten their roots. Featured at the number one spot, Witchcraft is a great track to get someone who is not as enthusiastic about electronic sounds as you are to hang out with you more.

While these five songs only touch a lick of their best work, slap that old CD in and give Pendulum the love they deserve before they take the stage at Ultra 2016. Only time will tell what their musical place will be in this 2016 world, but keep your hopes high and headphones tight. While Knife Party may have lose their enthusiasm for Pendulum, this reunion will keep our breaths held to see what 2016 has in store for Knife Party and Pendulum.

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