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Like The Other Channels, But Louder: An EDM Channel Is Coming To Your TV

Whether you’ve been a dedicated fan since the beginning or you attended your first show last week, you’re likely aware of the incredible growth of electronic dance music these past few years. Festivals are popping up left and right and left again. The top paid entertainers in Vegas are now world-renowned DJs. The genre’s first award show is coming up this April in Las Vegas. There was a not-so-successful film starring Zac Efron as an aspiring producer thrown into all that too. So what next step is there to take for EDM?

Obviously create a television channel.

EDMtv Network is launching on cable network DirecTV this month. According to, which at this time has not launched, electronic dance music “will soon have an ally in the global broadcast world.” The channel will feature scripted shows, broadcast-style news, documentaries and more all centered around the genre. The channel will have extensive coverage of Miami Music Week, taking place during the launch; however the main studios are located in Los Angeles.


The project has been in development for 3 years and is set to launch on March 14th. The channel will have a potential audience of 21 million and is expected to be available to 50 million people by the end of the year after further deals are made.

So for those of you stuck counting the days between festivals and shows and can’t contain your excitement, there’s finally a little something to hold you over! Hey, it’s not head-banging in the front row to your favorite dubstep artist… but it’s a close second, right?

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