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Ultra Music Festival’s Production is a Must See

Every year, Ultra Music Festival takes place in Miami, Florida at the end of March. The festival’s boundless styles of electronic music, stunning production, and its ability to unite people from every end of the Earth makes it the perfect conclusion to Miami Music Week, a week-long extravaganza that is carried throughout the city 24 hours a day.

Main Stage, photo by Philippe Wuyts_preview

Photo by Philippe Wuyts

This past weekend, Ultra laid out eight stages across Bayfront Park, including the Ultra Mainstage, Live Stage, two stages by Resistance, Carl Cox’s Megastructure, The Arcadia Spider, Ultra Worldwide, UMF Radio, The Arrival, and the Oasis stage. Each one was constructed with a clear vision in mind and hosted a familiar gang of musicians. Realistically, photos can only depict these setups to a certain degree. One must attend the festival to get a true feeling for how remarkable each stage is. Whether it’s the manually operated legs of the Arcadia Spider or the perfectly detailed angels of the Main Stage, each spot accentuates the music to provide attendees with an out of this world experience.

Ultra Worldwide Stage, photo by aLIVE Coverage_preview

Photo by aLIVE Coverage

Don’t worry, though! Even if you weren’t in attendance you can still watch the live sets from this past weekend here. Enjoy performances by KSHMR, Marshmello, Jauz, The Chainsmokers, Kayzo, and more, and watch for when tickets go on sale to start planning your trip to Miami for Ultra 2019.

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