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Phoenix Lights Artist Spotlight on Bakermat: Providing A Medley of Melodies

For Lodewijk Fluttert, AKA Bakermat, things have been on the up-and-up with his upcoming set on April 3rd at Phoenix Lights, but also his Games EP which garnered a good amount of English-speaking success. Already boasting a steady background from his early days and Dutch-made efforts, Bakermat has another trick up his sleeve as he releases “Ballade,” a two track-effort EP showcasing the ballad of the same name that encapsulates a slow and airy ballad, with the sound of singular clock sliding in and out of the end measure, with ambient sounds fading in and out of the track showcasing his ear for a good tune.

It is obvious that the music was not written around the vocals, and shows his determination to stay true to the instrumentals. Gone, the second track off the EP, features a more traditional approach, but none-the-less, has that famous vocal run put in front of the beat. Bakermat has much to be excited about, and so do you for his upcoming set at Phoenix Lights.

Even in his past efforts, Bakermat will take your mind on a coffee-fueled yet sedated journey mixed with Jazz and that cool George Michael-esque sax. “Games Continued” follows this format, and goes back to the roots of 90s house to provide only the best chill-out tunes. What makes Bakermat a draw even though it is historically early in his career, is his attention to mesmerizing ambiance and non-EDM elements that melt perfectly with the addition of strings on some of his tracks.

Bakermat is slowly gaining traction from his powerful live sets while his studio tracks will take you on an ambient journey through musical time and space.  If you plan on going to the April 3rd date of Phoenix Lights, take a breather and check out Bakermat’s set before he gets the hell out of Dodge.

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