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Relentless Beats Miami 2016: Get Lit and Stay Lit at Buygore’s Still Lit Party in Miami

After a rambunctious and sleepless weekend in Miami, attending all of the club shows, pool parties, and Ultra Music Festival, it’s probably time to rest… am I right? No, I’m wrong. It’s time to stay lit and make your way over to Buygore‘s party at Heart Nightclub in Miami where you can find Borgore Still Lit from his pool party earlier on that day, promising to decimate what remains of your body with his hard-hitting sound and the multifaceted talents of all of his friends.

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Still Lit at Heart will play host to three different rooms of music including Buygore and Friends, LA’s club event series Space Yacht, and Kastle‘s imprint Symbols. Repping Buygore and Friends, Borgore, GTA, and Jackal will be headlining the room with support from Bad Royale, AZ native Jameston Thieves, Nathaniel Knows, and PRXZM, among others.

LA’s Space Yacht will house the sounds of a throwback Dubstep Borgore set, dirty beats from Herobust, and some UK Grime from Stooki Sound. Meanwhile, in room number 3, Kastle will be throwing down his bass-based experimental sound with Jubilee, Letta, and Moth.

This diverse line-up with many different options and the promise of keeping you lit makes Buygore’s Still Lit the one and only way to close out your Miami Music Week. Tickets for Still Lit can be purchased here!

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