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Unleash Your Inner Beast: The Ultimate EDM Songs for Crushing PRs

Breaking a personal record (PR) is one of the ways electronic music can elevate your day-to-day life. In this list, I want to showcase five of the heaviest songs that will leave you wondering, “What just happened?” These tracks will give you that extra burst of strength to conquer your personal records. While people enjoy different types of EDM, this one is for the bass lovers, and I hope each of these songs propels you to a new personal best.

“Smasha” by Ecraze, Graphyt

This song absolutely blows me away. The sound design is incredible, and it’s not your standard “dubstep headbanging drop.” It starts with a fantastic buildup, leading to a drop with an nasty elongated note that builds suspense before diving into a heavy dubstep beat. Throughout the song, you can hear this high-pitched note, adding another dimension to the drop. In the middle of the first drop, it becomes cinematic, showcasing the meticulous sound design in every melody note. While the first drop is great, the second drop is where the real push for that personal record comes in. Doubling the tempo, it provides that extra surge of strength when you need it most.

“WTF – Marauda Remix” by Herobust, Marauda

One of the heaviest songs out there, this tear-out track has decimated countless crowds worldwide. This is the song that truly put Marauda on the map and demonstrates why he deserves even more recognition. Straddling the line between dubstep and tear-out, Marauda shows just how heavy a song can be by adding elements of brutal bass on top of an already weighty composition. The pure headbanging energy when the drop hits will take your strength to the next level.

“Cash Cow – NGHTMRE & BLVK JVCK VIP” by Nghtmre, BLVK JVCK, Gunna

Whenever NGHTMRE releases a rap track, you can always expect him to follow it up with a VIP that will blow your socks off. He did just that with his song “Redlight,” and his VIP version of “Cash Cow” is downright destructive, incredibly heavy, and guaranteed to leave you in awe. With outstanding vocals from Gunna, the buildup does an exceptional job of building tension. When the drop hits, the saturation of the drop, combined with precisely timed bass notes makes this song one of the heaviest songs NGHTMRE has ever released. It’s the perfect track to set a new personal record, blending rap and bass seamlessly.

“Better Off Alone” by Kai Wachi, Runn

Seemingly a sequel to his hit song “Run,” Kai Wachi delivered yet again with “Better Off Alone.” With lyrics touching on heartache, one of the best motivators in the gym, this song will undoubtedly push you to the next level. The melodic yet heavy first drop sets the stage, leaving the listener curious about what Kai Wachi has in store for the second drop. Featuring the iconic “switch it” sample, the second drop is monstrous and promises to take you to new heights. The tempo reduction in the third drop, immediately following the second, elevates the song even further. Be sure to add this one to your playlist.

“Broken” by Slander, Kompany, fksnsyd

Another song revolving around heartache, “Broken” is arguably Slander’s heaviest track for good reason. If the lyrics don’t motivate you, the drops certainly will. With a flawless buildup leading to samples from various Kompany songs, the high-pitched notes over a heavy bass rhythm will give you the strength to push through your workout. And if that weren’t enough, the power of the melodic bass drop in the latter half of the song will make your spirits soar, setting the stage for a new personal record. This song is tailor-made for the gym—use it often and play it loud.

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