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Walk Down A Dark Alley with HavocNdeeD’s “The Vow” ft. Armanni Reign + Remixes by Bijou, Ghast, and MoonDoctor

Escapism. We listen to music for the simple fact that it has the capability of taking us to far off worlds, allows us to shower ourselves in atmospheres otherwise insurmountable through our tangent realities. With a lot of music, we want to be taken to places that inspire us, that bring us joy, that pull us into a sea of relaxation. Yet, sometimes, we just want to feel like we are being chased by fear, to feel like we have no where else to run, that we are walking through a dark and grimy alleyway with no end. The point being, music can take us anywhere we want to go, and without consequences.

HavocNdeeD‘s latest track released via 119 Sound does just this. The inconsequential reality of this track is that it takes our hand and pulls us through a dark alleyway of sounds, never relenting the fact that the deeper we get, the more enraptured in its obscurity we become. Featuring a monstrous vocal over the rubber bass line and enigmatic synth riff, “The Vow” will leave you seeping with a sense of musical fulfillment.

Also featured in this package are three remixes from the likes of Bijou, Ghast, and MoonDoctor. Each artist puts their own unique spin on the track. Bijou speeds it up and gives us a taste of his signature G-House sound, while Ghast does the opposite by slowing it down for a good chunk of the track and adding an ominous animosity to the track. Finally, MoonDoctor takes the track and gives it an old-school rap ballad feel, taking us back to classic Tupac or Biggie tracks.

For those of you unaware, HavocNdeeD is a production and live performance group consisting of OB-one from Las Vegas, J. Paul from Phoenix, and Skaught Parry from Salt Lake City. Focusing mainly on crafting the finest dubstep, glitch, and drum-n-bass possible, HavocNdeeD is a name that has been around for a while, but only plans to continue to grow. Their Mission: Blowing Your Ear Drums! Status: Accomplished.

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