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Come Along and Ride On A Fantastic Voyage with Justin Jay at Shady Park

If you’ve been to Shady Park, it’s basically a dream venue with a set up that mimics a treehouse, that just so happens to have a bar. Being that it’s the perfect place for a house party, it makes total sense that Justin Jay will be making an appearance at the adult treehouse on April 30th, which will serve as the last stop on his Fantastic Voyage tour. Since we’re the last stop, we’ve definitely got to party the hardest, but with Justin Jay at the helm as the tune curation captain, there’s no reason this party can’t rock harder than any of his Fantastic Voyage house parties, right?

Since graduating college, Justin Jay hit the music scene with a storm of incredible releases. From remixes to productions of his own, it’s been incredible to see and hear Justin Jay’s creative exploration of his talents. Most recently his releases have included a few of his musically inclined friends, as he and others produce work under the alias Justin Jay & Friends. This new style seems to create a whole new niche subgenre, blending the stylings of live instrumentation and electronic beats. The versatility of his style and abilities have been what set him apart from other young producers, well, that and an impressive mustache. While it started as friends jamming out and tinkering with new sounds, their aural experimentations have blossomed into their upcoming release, Fantastic Voyage, the album. One of the tracks off the upcoming album, “Can’t Complain”, sets the tone for the vibe of the entire Fantastic Voyage journey, because with great friends and better music, life isn’t really that bad.

Having seen Justin Jay rock decks in a variety of settings, such as Dirtybird Campout and last year at RB Deep, no set ever resembles the next. Justin Jay rocks an insane sixth sense when it comes to setting the mood for the room and creating a perfect blend of tracks to transform a crowd into a real party. Get ready for a house party like you’ve never seen and come along for a ride on Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage at Shady Park.

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