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EDC20: The Spirit, Energy & Experience

Pasquale Rotella (Owner and CEO of Insomniac), in my honest opinion as a writer, is one of the most wonderful human beings to ever step foot on this planet. He’s a brilliant visionary who aims to create an atmosphere that isn’t found anywhere else on our world. He is always looking to revamp his old ideas into better ones, like Insomniac’s new VIP program, and strives for more safety and memorable experiences wherever he is. 20 years ago he started a journey to create this safe haven for anyone who doesn’t feel accepted elsewhere in the world, and 20 years later he has hundreds of thousands of people coming to his events from all over the world to feel as one.

EDC is an unforgettable experience if you’ve ever heard anyone talk about it who has gone. With this year being the 20th anniversary it’s a very special occasion and the man himself, Rotella, took a moment from his busy schedule to create a video to pass along to everyone. In the video he talks about his past and why he does what he does. It’s infinitely beautiful. Check it out below!

* EDC20: The Spirit, Energy, & Experience *

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