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Krewella Drops New Track with Announcement of EP

Just a couple weeks ago we saw this infamous duo of sisters release their track “Beggars”. A couple days after that  we saw Krewella post a heartfelt video (that you can watch here) describing the break and rough journey that the group has faced. Regardless of the bumps in the road, Krewella remains positive and they are coming back harder than ever with more music and an announcement of a new EP Ammunition.

In addition to “Beggars” being released, Krewella just dropped another new track titled “Broken Record. This track follows in line with the new sound that Krewella has developed through their experiences. While the infamous Krewella vocals that we all love as an audience are still there, it seems that the group has brought back more of a punk-ish/progressive stlye. The long build ups that build the suspense, the melodic vocals flying over the top of the track to inspire that deep heart felt emotion, fatty synth chords chugging along in the background, and the rolling bass that is still characteristic to Krewella.

Krewella – Broken Record (Audio)

Krewella’s new EP will be released on May 20th, but until then we’re going to keep on listening to their recent releases and enjoying the new harder sound of Krewella. Don’t forget that Krewella will also be here in Arizona on September 23rd! Check out the event page right here or buy tickets right here!

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