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5 Songs You Need On Your Fourth of July Playlist

Sure, patriotism and country music go hand in hand, but here on the EDM side, we love America too. What better way to celebrate than with a few cold ones, some fireworks, and these 5 songs about the good ol’ U-S-A.


1. Vicetone feat. Barack Obama- Hope

Powerful words mix with powerful beats and Obama makes his cameo. His speech is filled with hope, and his words are made bigger than life with the help of Vicetone. Vicetone wrote on Facebook that this track was not about politics, but rather about the inspiring words and how they can relate to our lives.

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2. New Americana (OLWIK x Halsey)

Halsey’s “New Americana” was revamped by OLWIK. He sped it up and amped it up with pop-like synths and drum loops creating a dancefloor hit.

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3. Bonnie McKee- American Girl (Steve Aoki DUB Remix)

Steve Aoki shows us what it’s like to be a real American girl. This track features some classic Aoki-style drops and brings plenty of hype as well. If fireworks are your thing then Aoki’s got your back: this track is bangin’.

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4. Party in the USA (DOJO! Remix)

Subtle Miley Cyrus lyrics mix with some seriously chill synths make this one a beautiful rework. This remix transforms the original to almost unrecognizable territory, and it’s perfect. If a chill Fourth of July weekend is your plan, DOJO!’s got your soundtrack covered.

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5. Noah- It Breaks Your Heart (Marv Edit)

Originally by the “Eli Young Band,” Marv remixes Noah’s cover of this classic country music track. So, country music and EDM should probably never mix, but somehow, Marv makes this country song not only bearable, but incredible. Change things up a bit this Fourth of July: rather than attempting to sing along to country music with your most likely drunk friends, check out this fresh country mix.

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