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7 Items You Must Bring to Electric Forest this Weekend

Festival attendees look forward to this event all year. Making sure you have a safe and comfortable experience is important, so check out these 7 items to ensure you have the most positive experience in the forest:

Hydration is key. You will need a way to keep water as readily available as possible. Water backpacks, clip on canisters, or just your standard water bottles are just some of the ways you can make sure water is always accessible. There are free water fill up stations located on the campgrounds and throughout the festival, so you will be able to constantly keep your container filled to the brim.


Wipes, wipes, and more wipes! Disinfecting wipes, hand wipes, makeup remover wipes, face cleansing wipes, and more. After getting covered in dirt and mud, it is refreshing to clean up after that all-nighter you just pulled.

Hammocks are definitely a fad in the forest. During the day, lounge around while you collect your energy for the rest of the night. If you find a group of trees close enough, swing on your hammock next to your favorite stage. Sherwood Court and the Ranch Arena both have some favorable spots for you and your homies to post up at.


Garbage Bags
Keeping the grounds of the festival clean is important. Letting your garbage pile around your campsite is quite a nuisance, especially when there’s a big group of people running through. Hang up some garbage bags on your canopy and make sure you clean up after yourself.

Yoga Mat
Luckily for all yoga enthusiasts, Electric Forest hosts yoga sessions in the morning. Don’t forget to bring your mat so you can join hundreds in a professionally led session. Even if you are just a beginner, yoga is an extravagant way to start off your day.


Rain Boots
The weather in the midwest is unpredictable. The sun could be shining bright and then all of a sudden the dark clouds start rolling in. It can get real muddy real quick, and if you’re not prepared your mood can quickly shift. Rain boots will save your life if you get caught up in the dodgy weather patterns of the midwest.

Chairs and Table
There is nothing worse than bringing your new friends you just met back to your campsite and having nowhere to sit. Going back to your site to chill in between sets is done a lot more than some of you first-timers may think. You’re living on the grounds for four days and nights, so having a chill spot is imperative.


For those of you that are veterans to Electric Forest, you know the drill. Let’s welcome the many first year foresters with open arms. There is no doubt that this weekend will be one for the books.

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