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Hayden James Drops New Single, Just A Lover

Hayden James  is a name that needs no introduction at Relentless Beats; we have heard the ODESZA remix of “Something About You” as well as being his supporting act through their national tour. While we did sit well with the remixes that have been thrown at us, and “Something About You” did quench our thirst for quite awhile, this Sydney, Australia native is lending his smooth and soulful pipes to us again with another house-heavy track, Just A Lover.

Just A Lover – Hayden James

With intermittent piano riffs scattered amongst hearty vocalizations provided by Hayden himself, the style he portrays a very thick and emotional vocal delivery which makes you not even have to guess why ODESZA chose to remix his lead single. Just A Lover follows in perfect order to the refined style of reminiscent club-beats infused with what could be assumed is that chesty tenor delivery that reminds all of us of the very many soul singers in 1990s house music. Just A Lover, although not displaying bubble-gum sweet qualities, doesn’t need to prove its sophistication; Hayden James’s new single boasts an adult contemporary sense of style with memorable backbeats and sweet sounds that just let you enjoy the ride.
Released on June 17th, 2016, Just A Lover is the exact summer jam you need to escape the heat as well as putting his new hit on your “Sexy Time” playlist. Although the days of mainstream soul and R+B are relatively scarce in the 2016 mainstream radio, Hayden James’s soulful croon resonates a sweet finish that wraps the whole production into something extremely fluid and smooth. Just A Lover should quench your thirst until Hayden James makes his next big remix or original track.

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