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How To Be Less “Trashy” at Music Festivals

One reason why we all love the festival scene is because of the people. We love people at festivals because we all agree to be kind to each other. I love that the community loves each other at these events.  But one thing that plagues festivals is how we leave these destinations in ruins. I am talking about littering at festivals! Don’t deny it. We have all done it, but we need it to STOP.


Would you believe that picture is Coachella…? Crazy and sad. Would you believe that some people do not want music festivals to continue because it is environmentally hazardous?  I know these people that go to the festivals and a lot of them are very environmental conscious, but for some reason we throw out morals, and throw trash everywhere. 1500 plastic bottles are thrown into the ocean every second! We forget to recycle, we throw trash and cigarette butts on the ground. This is our Earth. This is our home. Let’s respect it.

As a community need to be careful with how much plastic we use at festivals. We also need to be aware of the camping festivals as well. Whenever you go to a camping festival please use reusable items that you can wash. The less plastic the better it is for the environment.

So what can we do as a community? Prevent. Here’s how at music festivals:

1. Use a Camelback- less plastic bottles

2. Carpool

3. Throw away trash in designated areas

4. Try to throw your cigarette buds away in the trash! Those toxins are also terrible for the Earth

5. Use reusable items especially when camping. Like plates, utensils, cooking gear, etc.

Now, you may think that this festival trash may not end up in the ocean. You never know. Just remember to love the Earth just like you love your fellow festival friends. It can stop here. Love your home!

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