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Make Your Mark: 5 Labels That Have Pushed the Growth of EDM

Electronic Dance music has been on the rise for quite some time now, and we have to credit it to something. The increasing popularity in music festivals? A younger generation? Technological advancements? There are many reasons, but with this edition of Make Your Mark, lets explore some of the labels that aided in the spread of the dance music revolution!

  1. Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound initially started as nightclub in the UK, and progressed to own their own record label in the 90’s. Killer artists like DJ Fresh, Afrojack, Bingo Players, and many more work with this record label. When dance music exploded, they had to make two sub record labels, Rulin’ Records and Data Records to satisfy both the house and techno crowd. Check out their minimix sound for the month and see why Ministry of Sound needs to be added to your playlists. Also follow Ministry of Sound Radio for 24/7 non stop EDM.

  1. Columbia Records

Columbia Records started long before electronic music was invented in 1887.  It is an American owned record label that started in Washington D.C and progressed to New York City.  This is a diverse and extensive record label.  They have amazing pop artists including Adele and Beyonce, but they also have crazy EDM artists like Krewella, Calvin Harris, Chainsmokers, and many more.  Top Songs on their Soundcloud include “Don’t Let Me Down” by Chainsmokers and Krewella’s newest song “Broken Record.”

  1. Interscope Records

We have another label that is also very genre extensive, but have amazing EDM artists as well, which includes Zedd, Disclosure, and DJ Snake. In 2014, Interscope Records and Insomniac joined forces to create Insomniac Records. With the growing love of electronic music, both parties thought it was a necessity for artists to have “a powerful platform to share their music with fans around the world,” according to Pasquale Rotella, owner of Insomniac.  Trending music for Interscope includes DJ Snake’s track “Middle.”

  1. Ultra Music

Ultra Music been making their mark in the EDM industry since 1995. Ultra is electronic music only record label. Ultra has an extensive and very impressive history. In 2009, DJ Magazine announced their annual Top 100 DJ Poll with 8/10 artists signed on with Ultra Music. The DJs were Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, deadmau5, Above and Beyond, and Paul van Dyk.  In 2012, Ultra held 11 titles on the number 1 Billboard Dance/Mixshow label. Ultra Music is taking a bit of a spin of house music recently. Ultra signed on a DJ known as Black Coffee. His vocals mixed with his African Heritage and house music make him quite a unique sound. Ultra Music General Manager and Vice President of A&R, David Waxman, says that “At Ultra, we always look for distinctive styles that can be found underground and bring them to the forefront.” It is nice to know that Ultra is always on the lookout for bigger, badder, and newer sounds.

 Black Coffee – Come With Me feat. Mque (Cover Art)

  1. Spinnin’ Records

Spinnin’ Records is the world’s leading record label. It is a Dutch independent label that started in 1999.  Spinnin’ has many sub labels including Heldeep Records, Oxygen Records, Dooran Records, and Musical Freedom. Not to mention the amazing artists that sign with Spinnin’. Artists include Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Hardwell, Oliver Heldens, Avicii, Steve Aoki, and many more. Check out their Soundcloud because it is always on point and updated nearly everyday with the latest and hottest hits.  Also check out Spinnin’ Records newest sub-label AFTR:HRS.

Hopefully this has made the hunt for finding new trending music this summer much easier! These five labels have definitely made their mark on this industry.

Connect with Ministry of Sound: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

Connect with Columbia Records: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

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Connect with Ultra Records: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

Connect with Spinnin’ Records: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

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