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Would You Look at This… What So Not, George Maple, and Rome Fortune are “Buried”

A new video to watch alongside a new song by long time collaborators, What So Not and George Maple, is definitely something to bury yourself into. And what What So Not, George Maple, and Rome Fortune have given us is a work of art that is demanding our attention.

The collaborators joined each other, summing up this song by stating, “We’re all guilty of our vices. Whether a flickering thought or a lifestyle, our obsession with fame, money, sex & power drives a paradox of wonderful & horrible behavior.” This is quite a statement to take in before knowing what you’re in for once you click that “Play” button. The depth furthers even more so from here.

The vivid videography, depicting this on going battle between of our human nature & instincts, is further dramatized and complimented by Rome Fortune as his lyrics provide the story that is playing out before our own eyes. It’ll keep you on edge while you’re brain is whizzing to follow this song’s meaning and its progression. It is incredibly unique and a testament to artistry, as this is not any song you would casually bust out, play, and pay no mind to what you’re hearing and seeing. Bury yourself, and watch What So Not, George Maple, and Rome Fortune’s latest masterpiece, “Buried”.

What So Not, George Maple, & Rome Fortune – Buried

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