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I’m Shmacked’s All Summer 16 Mix Puts Logan Bohbot in the Spotlight

Nothing fascinates readers like a quick success story, or a freefalling tragedy, but what do we make of the artists who are relatively new, but have been quiet? Logan Bohbot entered the scene at a paced rate releasing progressive house remixes that are as audibly pleasing and feature “harder” elements that will please the more trap-orientated crowd. Hailing from NY, NYC, Logan Bohbot has been heavy on the road, bring his sets to various locales in and out of the United States. In a sea of new talent, it is easy to get lost in the waves of music, but Logan Bohbot has been working quietly for years on introspective remixes that aren’t so much about the songs he is remixing, but proves himself in the results he creates. Logan’s remixes, such as #THATPOWER from Will I. Am and Justin Bieber proves to transform a really sugary yet sometimes vapid pop hit into a sleek bass-rocker with all the booty you need. That is to say, no hate on The Biebs or Will.I.Am. of The Black Eyes Peas, but Logan Bohbot’s remix from 2014 could still pass off in today’s climate with its trap influences and progressive house foundation.

So, what’s been up with Logan Bohbot for 2016? Well, as mentioned above, all is quiet over in Team Bohbot. If you have been to any of his 2016 shows, you could say the opposite, for even beyond the valley, Logan’s been making appearances and flaunting his sets. Although you may not see it immediately on his Soundcloud, good things have came for those who wait. Just a month ago, Justin Bohbot released a set/mix he did with I’m Shmacked. Aside from being the party HQ for anything college-related in terms of celebration, I’m Shmacked helped release All Summer Long 16 Featuring Logan Bohbot.

Unlike his other works featured on Soundcloud, Bohbot boasts a 24 minute mix, and while it has been tagged with “#PREGAME,” Logan Bohbot’s mix is far from an appetizer and more like a five-course meal. Unlike his other works which have featured remixes attached to pop vocalists, the beginning of the mix is incredibly rap orientated. Quick lines are brushed along the foundation of the quiet brass in the back as well as the light train-bell percussion that accents the rapper’s diction. What keeps any listener interesting, is that the only thing that seems to follow hip hop conventions are the background brass imitations and beat that aren’t the complete focus of the piece.

By the time eight minute hit, this rollercoaster of a song takes you through a harder drop than you’d expect from his former House work. As the piece progresses, the mix takes a more melodic approach with appearances from modern pop hits as well appearances from Kanye West’s auto-tuned approach from “808’s and Heartbreaks,” as well as mixing the beats he built in the beginning of the mix to make a R+B/Hiphop-tinged crescendo that ends with a triumphant mix resembling the original Chainsmokers hit, “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Although Logan Bohbot’s mix came a little late to our attention, check it out not only for your pregame, but add it to your party mix that pleases the rap crowd as well as the pop crowd. Logan Bohbot is a DJ that should be on your radar for 2016, while over here we pray for some new material to spoil ourselves with.

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