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RB Weekend Preview: Infected Mushroom, Lil Dicky, Wet Electric, Oh My!

The weekend from the 29th to the 1st is going to be one for the ages – a pool party, a couple of gigs at Shady Park, Infected Mushroom, and even something going down in the “Dirty T.” Thinking of making it to all of them? Well, this weekend it looks like you’ll have to choose your battles, because Arizona is about be lit all over the map:

CVII Animatronica Live Tour W/ Infected Mushroom & Binary Hertz (4/29)

Things are about to get trippy on April 29th when oddballs of EDM, Infected Mushroom comes to party at the good ol’ Pressroom with Binary Hertz opening for them. With both artists being seasoned pioneers of their genre, this is show you will not want to miss for its insane visuals (the namesake of Infected Mushroom), and both artists’ close ear to the trends and innovations that EDM has faced over the last decade. The show begins at 9 PM, and be sure to check the track below to get a little taste of what the kings of this year’s CVII Animatronica Live Tour is all about.

Wet Electric 2016 w/ Dada Life, 3LAU, Bro Safari, Destructo, and Wiwek (4/30)


Looking to cool off after sweating off the booze and smelling Speedstick under every guy’s armpit at The Pressroom? Look no further: Big Surf in Tempe will be hosting Wet Electric 2016 on April 30th, which features fan favorites likes Bro Safari, Dada Life, Destructo, Wiwek, and 3Lau bringing their best bumping pool-party tunes and all bringing something unique to the table!

Need a little eclectic boost in your musical life? Bro Safari and Wiwek will be delivering only the sickest trap-influenced and jungle beats that never fail to make white girls embarrass themselves. If “Snap” is any indication of what to expect, Bro Safari is definitely not messing around. Meanwhile, after dropping his latest EP including the monster track “Killa” with Skrillex, Wiwek is guaranteed to make the savage within emerge.

On the other hand, we have the Swedish duo known as Dada Life, who have no intention of the party resting or stopping: their music is raw, dance ready, and don’t want anything more for you to get down and dirty. Don’t forget about our guy 3Lau with his melodic take on house that is bound to have you attached to Shazam and make that beer that you have in your hand so much cooler.

And finally you have Destructo who will be headlining the RB Deep Stage with a very special 2 hour long set. More on Destructo a bit further down. Beginning at 11 AM, this is gonna be one long party!

Fantastic Voyage Tour W/ Justin Jay (4/30)


Feeling a little agoraphobic? Fear not, for Justin Jay is taking his Fantastic Voyage Tour on April 30th to the quaint and quite recent Bar/Beer-Garden/Pizza joint that is already becoming the hot new spot for DJs coming to Tempe. Justin Jay will be chock-full of his latest creations which border on a sound between that “chill” kickback vibe, mixed with many “Aha!” moments that change many typical genre norms into this plethora of organic instruments melded behind relaxed beats. Justin Jay will be flying in on his Fantastic Voyage to Shady Park in Tempe, at 9:00 PM. Feeling a little claustrophobic? Get over it and have a drink!

Life In Color Kingdom w/ Zeds Dead & Lil Dicky (4/30)



Remember that part of Arizona that used to be a capital, and is on the other side of barren and killer desert that is almost impossible to traverse as a human being in the summer? We remember you, Tucson, and this time we are bringing flowers and chocolates in EDM form to make up for the lost times we can’t get back. What better present to give to you and make up for all those harsh things we said over text than the Life In Color Kingdom?

This gig, which is going down at The SlaughterHouse on April 30th at 7 PM, is bound to make your friends in the Valley wish they were down there partying with you. Yeah, your friends may be partying to Dada Life and Bro Safari, but Zeds Dead is about to go full Pulp Fiction on your ass before you have any time to react. Punched with sick raps, and quick dark synths and sounds, Zeds Dead won’t be the only rap influence you hear that night. I mean, come on, “bruh,” Lil Dicky is going to be bringing the hardcore suburban raps that, if you haven’t heard, your FOMO is entirely on point: collaborating with artists like Snoop, Lil Dicky is definitely going to be one of your highlights of the night.

Stafford Brothers (5/01)


Oh God, it’s Sunday; You have been probably partying for most, if not all of the weekend, and if you are still alive, that hangover you have is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book you wished you never picked up. Luckily for you, we at RB know how you feel! The Stafford Brothers at 11 AM will be headlining a Talking Stick Resort Pool Party on May 1st, getting crunk with that 21-and-up swag, featuring their dark, quick drops, and songs like “Carne Asada” that will of course subdue that hangover with a good pool-side margarita. Be safe, drink responsibly, and if you didn’t shower before getting in, at least the pool is chlorinated. Honestly, whoever names one of their tracks Carne Asada is definitely a friend of ours.

Wet Electric Recovery Party w/ Destructo (5/1)


If you are a little too waterlogged for pool-side shenanigans, why don’t you mosey on down back to Shady Park, and nurse those Vietnam flashbacks with some friendly afternoon synths; so cool to the touch, yet drops so clean. While this afterparty definitely won’t help your Monday be productive, at least the bar will be plentiful and the beats solid. Check out Destructo and end the weekend properly at 11 AM, Shady Park, and nurse that hangover with more drinks of course.

Grab your tickets fast before the end of the week, and your mom told me to tell you to drink A LOT of water.

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