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EDMovie Madness: Kap Slap “Felt So Good” In His New Video, Feed Me Shows Us “What It Feels Like” In His, And Zhu Will Have You In The “Palm Of My Hand” With His

Its #WatchItWednesday everyone and you know what that means, time to turn your attention to three new stunning music videos. This week we will be examining videos from Kap Slap, Feed Me, and Zhu for their tracks “Felt So Good,” What It Feels Like,” and “Palm Of My Hand.”

Kap Slap – Felt This Good

Kap Slap ft. M. Bronx – Felt This Good (Kap Slap VIP Edit)

You have probably heard of Kap Slap due to his famous mashup mixes, and now he’s crafted some amazing tracks of his own. His most recent release featuring M. Bronx on the vocals titled “Felt This Good” is a lovely piano medley, and he now offers a special VIP edit of the song and a music video as well. The video displays warm shots of M. Bronx singing and playing the piano with musicians playing instruments alongside him for a truly relaxing film. The track was great to begin with and now watching the new rendition live is even better.

Feed Me – What It Feels Like

Feed Me – What It Feels Like (feat. Nina Nesbitt)

Earlier this summer, Feed Me blew us away with an awesome EP titled ‘Family Reunion’ packed with a diverse array of tracks. One of my favorites from the EP, “What It Feels Like” featuring Nina Nesbitt has now been taken to the next level with a cheesy music video. The video is formatted as an outdated infomercial and starts off with an actress saying “When I saw that little green guy on TV I was like yea he’s kind of hot, but what’s he selling? And then I made my first order and its the best decision I ever made. Every night I look to the stars and say Thank you Feed Me.” The remainder of the video consists of Nina and the little green guy displaying all sorts of rave supplies and Feed Me merch, very well played.

Zhu – Palm Of My Hand

ZHU – Palm of My Hand

Last but certainly not least, we have a fantastic film from Zhu. Following his GENERATIONWHY album, he’s released an artistic music video for his track “Palm Of My Hand” off the album. The video looks as if it is a black and white comic book starting off with a man driving through the city. Once color creeps into the video, everything twists and turns into a phsychadelic dreamscape. Very pleasing to the eye.

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