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EDMovie Madness: Martin Garrix Shares New Video For “In The Name Of Love,” Alluxe With “Work My Body,” And Snakeships and Zayn Malik Music Video For “Cruel”

EDMovie Madness is back and this week we will be taking a closer look at music video’s from Martin Garrix, Alluxe, and Snakeships.

In The Name Of Love – Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha

“In The Name Of Love” by Martin Garrix with vocals from Bebe Rexha has grown to be infectiously popular right off the bat, but isn’t what you normally hear from Garrix. He’s transitioned from harder electro and big room sounds to implying a bigger emphasis on melody, and Bebe’s vocals are the perfect fit to go along with that. The video for the track stars Martin and Bebe navigating through the tumultuous waters of love. In a suit and red dress the two find each other by a pool and as a storm approaches, they jump in and kiss anyways, all in the name of love.

Work My Body – Alluxe

Work My Body featuring Salar System Official Video

Alluxe tackles it all as she creates her own music, being the first ever Ableton certified trainer within the program, being the CEO of Electronic Creatives, and working as a controllerist and live show designer for artists like Kanye on his Yeezus tour, Miguel, Jay Z, Drake, and many more. Her most recent personal work includes the release of a well put together music video for her track featuring Salar System “Work My Body” showcasing her many talents. She shared on her Facebook: “The video is all about movement, light, and form. Moving bodies bathed in an ever-changing palate of color flash in and out of an endless darkness as the song builds, and we catch glimpses of instrumental performances on the tabla and violin. The video exists without a narrative other than the traditional sense, and suggests a timeless celebration of the human body’s desire to move.” This upbeat and artistic video sets the perfect tone for Alluxe’s upcoming EP, stay tuned this fall.

Snakeships – Cruel Ft. Zayn Malik

Snakehips – Cruel (Official Video) ft. ZAYN

Former One Direction star Zayn Malik is going strong within his solo career with a collaboration with british electronic duo, Snakeships, “Cruel” with a music video that’s just as moody as the track itself. The video is colorful yet gloomy as Zayn sings “its such a cruel world.” Zayn seems to be portraying the message that fame can also come with cruelties such as lonliness as his face is plastered on tv screens as he makes his way looking lost through a series of dim rooms with neon flashing lights. Besides a few short clips of dancers in the video, Zayn is left alone in the ‘cruel world.’

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