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Face Your Fears | Phobia 2016

The 2nd installment of SDK Events : Phobia is less than a month away, are you ready to face your fears?

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Last year’s inaugural event went down in American history as one of the most Raw events to hit the States. This year they planned to go even bigger with twice as many artist’s, and TWO stages.

SDK lineups are known to feature and support only the best in American Hard Dance talent. Such of the likes as Mr. Terror himself, Tim Shopp.

Tim Shopp an Uptempo / Hardcore / Terror producer is actually making his first appearance in the state of Arizona. Having played Gabberfest this summer, he shot over to the NL where he played Dr. Peacocks birthday party. He’s set to play Fantasyland mid August followed by Phobia the weekend after.

Another first appearance to the state of Arizona is Kevin Kaos. Having played literally all over the globe, he’s a veteran behind the decks. This NL based Rawstyle producer has a real taste for chaos. If you’re at all a fan of the genre you’ll be at this set.

Other first time appearances to the state of Arizona consist of; Skruffeh, Hartshorn, Waffle, Extreme Team and Thumper.

Arizona natives Mrotek, Arctus and The Wicked will also be playing individual sets this night! They were last seen at our pop up Hard Dance stage at Relentless Beats show with Noisia.

Phobia features almost every style of Hard Dance Music. Ranging from Happy Hardcore all the way to Terror. If you’re a Hard Dance fan, or even just a raver on the west coast, make it a point to come out to this event.

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