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Hard Summer Camping and Why You Need To Do It Next Year

So Hard Summer was especially awesome this year because they allowed people to camp, and let me tell you right now, camping at festivals is the absolute best. I could probably go on for some amount of time about why you need to do it, but I’m going to try to control those impulses and organize a list of the 4 reasons you should check it out next time you have the opportunity. Hard Summer did a fantastic job, especially for their first year of camping, to provide everyone with a safe and fun-filled weekend at the campgrounds.

1.) You meet an infinite amount of awesome people

The second we pulled into our campsite we met up with several groups of other friends who we had never even known before, but soon became some of our closest friends like we had known them our whole life. In fact, we enjoyed everyone’s company so much that some of our friends left joking with these people calling them their brothers and other nicknames we had all earned throughout the weekend. Even if it’s as simple as walking through the festival and shouting at someone shuffling and you give them a high five, it’s still something. The funny thing is though that most of the time you never see these people again. You’re just left the memories of their friendship.

2.) You put down your phone for once

Don’t get me wrong I have to have my phone in my life. I wouldn’t be able to tell where I am or what I need to do without my trustee stead. However, when you’re at a festival it’s good to put down your electronics and just go out and live life. Without your phone you wouldn’t be able to believe how much you can focus on other things going on. Personally, I know I notice all the other people around me and how happy we all are when we’re at a festivals and it’s moments like this where I find myself thinking there’s a lot of crap in the world but when we come together to listen to music we can change more of the world than we think.

3.) You learn more about yourself as a person

When you’re camping you’re also stripped of your normal day to day life style and tossed into a completely different environment. Moments like this can see how you really act and who you really are. No worries about work, or having to go to the grocery store, or what’s due next week, you just get to go out and be yourself. Exploring this rather artistic side of yourself and finding out about you is one of the most important things as a kid growing up. You need an outlet like this so you can figure out how you are going to fit into the real world one day, or next Monday depending on how you look at it, but either case, you’re still learning and growing as a person.

4.) There’s a lot of special guest appearances

Artists are people too. Everything I’ve said above applies to them just as much and they recognize that and they want to have a good time as well. On several occasions as you’re walking around the festival grounds you can spot artists just hanging out and enjoying the scene as well. Maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to spot you’re favorite producer or DJ! Who knows really!

So hopefully this changes your guys minds about camping and you decide to do it one of these days because it is absolutely wonderful. I know every time I step foot into a camp site at a festival I’m immediately filled with a sensation of feeling at home and I think a lot of you will feel the same way as well.

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