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Kygo will Steal the Show @ Olympics Closing Ceremony

The international sensation, Kygo, will be closing this year’s Olympics in Rio tonight. The Norwegian awe-inspiring artist will play his popular track Carry Me to end the world’s biggest sporting event. Kygo has shared his nervous excitement about his performance, and fans from all over the world are anxiously awaiting the moment.

Kygo blew up in the music industry after he released his remix of Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire. Since, he has put out multiple singles and a very successful album Cloud Nine. Every piece of work Kygo has released into the music world has been amazingly received and rewarded by countries all over the globe.  

Headlining at numerous festivals around the world, Kygo is used to having the spotlight on him, but closing the Olympics takes the bar to an entirely new level. He has come a very long way from being a 16-year old producer in university. Needless to say this experience will be once in a lifetime for not only Kygo himself, but every fan he has.

Make sure to tune into the Olympic Channel to catch his amazing performance!!

Check it out here!

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