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Listen To This Chilled-Out Remix Of “The Song Of Jigglypuff”

From the depths of the internet, once again emerges something you would have expected to be remixed a lot time ago, but apparently no one made a splash until now: STEL LEO delivered upon us a treasure from the underground with a remix of the very nostalgic song from episode 45 of the original Pokemon anime in 1998. The original song featured very little percussion with Japanese-style flute composition, but it turns out that STEL LEO had no problem transforming the original into an elegant, ambient, and fresh track.

As soon as you push the play button, the remix entitled “Jigglypuff Type Bang” dons the outfit of the original, yet quickly ascends into 8-bit NES-reminiscent strings that repeat the melody, yet each measure contains differences that almost transform those measures into different narratives. It is true: the original, and this version do not contain a crazy, overblown drop, but instead highlights a love of more ambient remixes that rely on more organic and “vibing” type of sounds.

What makes this remix most interesting is the adherence to the melody. STEL LEO properly homaged to the swell folks at Pokemon by containing enough of the original flute and percussion free approach, yet introducing light percussion elements to add the necessary backbone, yet doesn’t smear the effect of the original. Although Pokemon Go has made a huge splash in the mainstream, STEL LEO clearly made this out of knowing the anime itself, and definitely reflects that it is not just meant to follow a trend.

Take a listen to STEL LEO’s remix of Jigglypuff, and get ready to be impressed next time you’re on someone’s roof trying to catch a rare pokemon…..

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