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Excision’s Shambala Mix Continues to Live Up to the Hype!

Most EDM fans, by now, haver heard this year’s Shambala mix by the one and only Excision. The hype by way of countless reviews and comments online are because of the way Excision constantly exceeds fan expectations. Shambala, one of the most prestigious festivals in the world, has been hosting one of the grimiest names in the electronic dance music scene since 2008. Excision, known for his mind-blowing mixes full of nothing but filthy beats, threw down at this year’s festival. This is certainly an EDM Emergency if there ever was one.

Excision has been releasing these mixes since his debut to Shambala and fans look forward to their release each and every year. The social importance of this mix well understood amongst bassheads, because Excision‘s talent is clearly showcased through the nonstop bass and heavy drops of this hour-and-a-half mix. His way with the turntables is apparent, and his live mixes demonstrate this. This mix is heavily anticipated every year and has grown in prominence to such as a degree that his mix is almost associated directly with the Shambala brand itself. This goes to show how great of an impact Excision has, not only this festival, but on the scene as a whole. This mix is a compilation of hits and well known tracks as well as new music. He even closes out with a new Harambe tribute track. There’s nothing but pure passion, energy, and musical genius behind this mix, and we think reviews and opinions can only sum it up so much. There truly are no words. Experience it for yourself and get blown away by Excision‘s bass canon. No more talking! Listen here!

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