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Get Schwifty to Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Ehide’s Sick Rick and Morty Dubstep Remix

Last time we checked up on Midnight Tyrannosaurus, he was previewing his newest track entitled, “Rat Jazz,” and his diversity in music could have not been more refreshing. This time, Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Ehide are making waves with their “Rick and Morty” dubstep piece, “Planet Purge.” For fans like us who like to seek out those pop-culture ready tracks lined with quotes and references that you will probably only get, “Planet Purge’ is not only amusing for those who watch the very stoner-esque program, but also amusing to those who will appeal to the life lessons the show sometimes reflects. Amidst all the aliens and interdimensional travel, Planet Purge (the song) displays all the best quotes, life lessons, and weird moments that have made each episode memorable.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Ehide – Plane Purge

From the beginning, we have an intense leaning toward harder bass sounds, but also a penchant for staying true to the title. “Planet Purge” stays true to the episode by almost presenting the audio from the show in monologue form, by mixing the music to where it is “just” audible above the chopped and screwed drops. “Planet Purge” brings back the dubstep of yonder, to when the “hardness” of a track wasn’t necessarily compromised by mainstream sensibilities that took over the genre in the early 2010s.

With the track clocking in a little over four-minutes, this lengthens the original sample on his Soundcloud page, but also cements both MT and Ehide as artists who have one ear to the television. Planet Purge, from the perspective of a non-fan of the show, can still be enjoyed with its comical relations to the concept of “purging” that we have experienced in recent years through film and culture. The quotes throughout may be relative to “Rick and Morty,” but put the idea of a “purge,” in a comical light as murder is legalized to repress inner anger.

Take a listen to Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Ehide’s classic approach to “Planet Purge.” This Rick and Morty Spectacular contains all the traits of not only a good dubstep track,  but would definitely gain the approval of its creators by keeping their ear to the television, but also staying connected to the deeper message of the song. You see, Rick and Morty are about their hilariously written lines, but each episode has a different deeper theme which ties in the lighter dialogue. If you are looking for a Rick and Morty remix that covers all the bases and keeps true to the original content, check out Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Ehide’s “Planet Purge,” before it is purged, that is.

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