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Midnight Tyrannosaurus Previews Hard and Funky Clip, “Rat Jazz”

Aside from his October 8th supporting spot at the Monarch with Bear Grillz, the sample virtuoso known as Midnight Tyrannosaurus came back at it with a small clip that could either be a solo spot in a potential live set, or a full-blown new track for future release. On August 21st, MT debuted the clip entitled Rat Jazz, which contains more samples than you could probably name without Wikipedia. Although Midnight Tyrannosaurus has tailored his tastes toward the eons of Dubstep, Glitchhop, Drumstep, and other various percussion heavy subgenres, “Rat Jazz” has the odd ability to actually combine what sounds like a saxophone very early in the track.

“Rat Jazz” sticks out its neck with its ability to not only be a track that would go down as legendary in a live setting, but also denote itself by the odd samples that don’t interrupt how “hard” you may think the beat is going. Yes, you may notice “Rat Jazz” is short only coming in at a timed 1:54, but MT has the surprising gift of doing a lot in a very small amount of time. Littered across his Soundcloud displays a detailed discography of smaller tracks accompanied by the occasional long play, stringed with a sense of good internet humor as well as pop culture.

What should you expect from his live set? Well, if you tune into the long-playing track below entitled “Midnight Snacks Volume 2,” you’re served up a monologue of sample mixed with a choir interspersed into the more harder drops. Quite frankly, although he is tackling a well-known genre, his music plays like the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino film which makes you ask why he doesn’t release tracks on his Soundcloud account like this more often. Tracks on Midnight Snacks Volume 2, as well as the clip entitled “Rat Jazz” displays versatility that will definitely translate into the live setting.

What makes this longer release more interesting shows his ability to mix very well known samples into the threads of what sounds like very “genre heavy” production values. Although his sound definitely wouldn’t be found on a mainstream house playlist on late night radio, his music plays out for the true fans of dubstep, and his love for the genre is apparent. “Rat Jazz” will definitely have an impact on his future sets, and maybe if you catch his set at the Monarch, there’s a chance he will play it firsthand. The discography of Midnight Tyrannosaurus plays out like a fever-dream episode of “Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law,” and if you’re down vibe with something other than a generic housebeat, you’re in for a treat.

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