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Steve Aoki is Bored To Death – A Blink-182 Remix

This is a to remember, people.

There’s nothing better than when you’re favorite band from your teenage years gets a makeover from your favorite DJ. It might be too good to be true, but we’ll take it anyway. Blink 182, the infamously successful pop-rock band from the good ole’ days, teamed up with the one and only Steve Aoki…and the finished product is not one to be ignored. Remixing the euphoric rock track ‘Bored To Death,’ off of their new album California, Steve put his 2 cents into the project to create a song that would wow all music fans.

Steve Aoki took this song by the horns and made it amazing. Having a history and a wide appreciation for the punk-rock genre, no one would be better than he at crossing a Blink-182 song into the EDM world. Collaborating with excellence, the two teams produced a track that is irresistibly nostalgic, bringing us back to the memories of when Blink 182 became many of our idols. 

Merging two very different genres can often result in a messy outcome, but in this case the two styles make ends meet in a way that seems natural and coherent. Though the build and drop may seem a little recycled, it is very easy to be drawn in by the bass line. This song will instantly put a smile on your face and a jazz in your step.

Blink-182 – Bored To Death (Steve Aoki Remix)[Official Video]

Blink 182 and Steve Aoki certainly prove that magic happen can happen when you make two worlds collide.

Watch the official remix video now!

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