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The Relentless Record Collection: Andrew Luce’s ‘Blanc’

It’s about time we added another worthy album to the record collection. This EP, released close to a year ago, deserves a recognition throwback. The ‘Blanc’ EP, produced by the amazing Andrew Luce was one of the kick-offs to the rising star’s career, and has since expanded his musical expertise among millions of fans. This 5 track EP consists of everything from heart-wrenching instrumentals to crunching trap. Each track with its own unique flavor, Luce showcases the work of Vincent, Yultron, and Chelsea Cutler.

With contrasting sounds from all over the board, and the mix of emotion and organized chaos, this EP goes on a memorable journey through multiple styles. From house-influenced bass to melodic synths, Andrew Luce knows just how to produce fresh and original tracks while hyping a crowd with his talent. 

This bundle of BPM was truly a huge stepping stone for this young musician. Since the release of this EP, Andrew has collaborated with some of the most talented names in the industry, including MYRNE, Graves, and Dr. Fresch. This up-and-coming artist is definitely on an upward spiral, and there is no looking down. 

Check out his social media to see what else he has in store!

Connect with Andrew Luce: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 

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